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Main Features of our Desktop CMS Mobile Website design software

Management-Ware WebElement - Mobile Website Builder software

Design your own mobile website with Webelement…

Our mobile Website design software comes with several pre-designed templates. Thus, you can quickly make changes to templates and create your mobile website in record time. By using Themeroller of JQUERYMOBILE or your CSS builder software you can create your custom theme and have a unique look.

Unlike online services with a monthly fee, there is no limitation on the number of projects with Webelement. Download the 30 days trial (30 days), and see how easy it is to create a mobile website with our software . With our mobile Website design software, you can create as many mobile Web pages you want. Webelement will guide you and help you create your own mobile website. …the Website of your dreams! Download our mobile website design software now

Webelement main features - A desktop cms Mobile Website design software

Some features of our Desktop CMS Mobile Website design software: 

  • Create an Unlimited number of mobile Websites (No Restrictions).
  • No HTML Web design knowledge required (Very easy to use wizards).
  • Publish your mobile Website with the builtin FTP. 
  • Create mobile Websites with multiple pages and easily manage your site with WebElement. 
  • Change the look of your mobile Website easily 
  • The ability to import and edit an existing html page in the html editor WYSIWYG.  
  • Functions: photo/Image gallery, rollover image, JavaScript slide show (No Flash). 
  • Pre designed mobile Website templates included.
  • You can create your own template and import it.
  • Publish and preview your mobile website on your web server easily.
  • Publish your mobile Website with just oneclick. Go live on the Internet in seconds! 

More Features of our Mobile Website Maker software: 

Social Media 

Communicate your brand through social media channels - Webelement supports Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more. 

Search the menu 

If your menu links to a lot of pages you can now add a site search feature that allows their Website visitors to search for words within the Website menu. Users can display the menu Search box at the top of the menu or at the bottom of the page or both. The Site Search box will appear in a non-editable area.


One click for your customers to call you. Add a link to your page that visitors can just click to call your phone number.

Driving Directions

Enable your visitors to view step-by-step instructions to reach a specific location (your office, home, etc.) from wherever they are.

Full Website 

Add a link from your mobile Website to your full Website. 

Image gallery /album

Image Gallery / Album allows the users to publish high quality images/photos which look completely integrated within their mobile Website with the same look & feel.

Request information/leave message

This is one of the form page types listed when the user adds pages. This will be a form for the mobile site visitor to request information/leave message about which the Website owner will be notified by email.

Change Design 

Users can change the design on their mobile Website at any time by simply choosing another design template option using WebElement's Change Design feature. Users can make any number of such design changes without any restrictions.

WYSIWYG Page editing 

Any one who has used Microsoft Word or any text editor will now be able to edit their mobile Web pages in minutes. The WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) mode of editing allows users to view and edit the mobile Web page exactly as it would appear after it goes live on the Internet. No programming or technical knowledge is required for editing.

Customize the site 

Upload your company logo and change your site's aesthetics and design as desired to suit your brand. 


Designers and developers can deliver great customized mobile sites. 

Set FTP Details

You can set the complete FTP details as provided by your hosting company to publish your mobile Website to their live hosting servers. You can also test your FTP details before attempting to publish.

Search Engine Optimization

Users can now optimize their mobile Websites for search engines by adding meta-information like Keywords, Titles and Description to their Websites using an easy to use form.

Sub Pages (Inner Pages) 

Users can now add Sub pages (also called Inner pages or Deeper-level pages) to create complex mobile Websites or even complete mobile portals having hundreds of pages in hierarchical site architecture. Sub pages are not part of the main navigation links and can be accessed through a link available on one of the main pages on the Website. Users can create multiple levels of sub pages to enable users to drill down deep for more detailed information.

100% Compliance with Mobile Web Best Practices

Mobile Websites built with WebElement are guaranteed to work on almost all mobile phones. This is made possible by 100% strict compliance with the Mobile Web Best Practices and Standards as defined by – the Worldwide Web Consortium.
What new features would you like to see in a future release? - Tell us right now! 

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