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Management-Ware Webelement: Build your own Mobile Website in minutes with this easy-to-use Website builder software!

Press Release
For Immediate Release

Montreal, Quebec – May 14, 2012 – Management-Ware Solutions is a Canadian based company working in the high technology field. Management-Ware Solutions is proud to launch its new software for creating mobile websites - "Management-Ware Webelement". Studies show that current mobile web-user experiences are overall horrible when it comes to viewing and navigating websites. Websites that have not been optimized for mobile viewing are too cluttered and negatively impact the visitor’s ability to locate information.

With Management-Ware Webelement anyone can create a mobile website for iPhone, Google Android, BlackBerry, Windows phone and others. This desktop website builder can be easily downloaded from

This mobile Web page maker allows users to easily create, upload and share full-fledged mobile Websites that are guaranteed to work consistently across most mobile phones.

"We wanted to create mobile site builder for users who don’t know anything about programming and now, we can say that using Webelement you will create a mobile site in the easiest way ever! " said Fedner Cleus, vice-president of Management-Ware Solutions.

Key Features of this Desktop CMS Mobile Website builder software:

  • Create an Unlimited number of mobile Websites (No Restrictions).
  • No HTML Web design knowledge required (Very easy use wizards).
  • Pre - designed mobile Website templates included.
  • Create mobile Websites with multiple pages and easily manage your site in no time.
  • Publish the mobile Website with the build-in FTP. Go live on the Internet in seconds!
  • Publish and preview your mobile website on your server easily.
  • Change the look of your mobile Website.
  • Functions: photo/Image gallery, rollover image, JavaScript slide show (No Flash).

The mobile Web is no longer a concept - it's a mainstream reality that will impact any organization that aims to communicate with target audiences online.

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