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Script for Yellow Pages South Africa


The extraction script for yellowpages.co.za can be use easily with Extract Anywhere. This Data Scraper software is a tool for extracting yellowpages.co.za information (Company name, address, telephone,etc.).

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Use our Yellow Pages Script to Build your Own Database for Marketing Purpose. Yellow Pages Scraper/Script for Yellow Pages South Africa

Get fresh data from Yellow Pages South Africa (yellowpages.co.za) - Online Business Directory. Yellowpages.co.za is South Africa's largest online database of local businesses and offers a range of we-related products and services. The extraction script for yellowpages.co.za can be use easily with Extract Anywhere software. This Data extrator software is a tool for extracting yellowpages.co.za information (Company name, address, telephone,etc.). Try it today!

Our yellow pages scrapers are versatile, lightweight and powerful. Our programs are designed to extract business information from the yellow pages directory ( Yellow Pages South Africa - yellowpages.co.za) with the latest and  up to date information as per your customized requirement. Try our data grabber Software today!

This Management-Ware Yellow Pages Scraper for South Africa can be used to scrape the business name, address, city/region, postal code, phone & fax number, email address (if there is one) and webpage from any listing posted in the South Africa  Online Business Directory (yellowpages.co.za). This  yellow pages extractor program will help you convert web data into CSV (Excel) or other format, and save your time instead of collecting manually the data.  

To use this script you must download and install Management-Ware Extract Anywhere. Click here to download the scraper. If you have already purchased a script follow the steps below to learn how to activate your script.


The script can be activated on 2 computers at the same time.

1)    Download and install Management-Ware Extract Anywhere. Click here to download the program.
2)    Save the script file somewhere on your computer (e.g. Desktop). This file was sent to you after your purchase. If you purchased and did not receive the file then,            check your junk mail box or contact Management-Ware Solutions.
3)    Go to “Library” menu to activate the script. Click “Add” button. Select and Open the file.
4)    Click “Activate Now! ” button. Enter your serial number, accept the terms of the license and click “Activate” button.  
5)    Go to "Data Extractor" tab to start using the program. Enter your keywords and locations... According to the criteria. Click 'Start' button to start a new search.

Note: During the extraction, it recommended to hide your IP address. To hide your IP address, you can downloaded and installed the Free version of Hotspot Shied (http://www.hotspotshield.com/) or another program/ VPN to hide your ip address ... If you decide to download and install the Hotspot Shied, you have to activate it ONLY when you use the scraper. It should mention "CONNECTED". Normally, if your IP address is hidden, you shouldn't have any problem to extract the data.